Social Media is Important

It can’t be said enough that social media is a key component in the SEO process; without it you can damage your search results significantly.

A survey, which was conducted late, last month, found that 50% of the companies that are struggling with SEO are not using social media! Successful companies, on the other hand, are implementing social media strategies along with other important SEO tools.

About 38% of the businesses that are successful with SEO strategies have a social media plan of some kind integrated in their game plan.

Those companies who aren’t ranking as high as they would like, 48% of them only have a limited social media plan. Even worse, 52% of the unsuccessful businesses have absolutely no social media plan implemented.

A lot of people do not realize the fact that social media content rank very well on search engines; for example, Yelp and the reviews people leave your business come up in searches all the time. Potential customers rely heavily on Yelp, and the reviews other customers have left; they take these reviews into account before they choose to use a company or not. If you don’t have a Yelp account, you’re missing a great opportunity to showcase some of your best work.

The next time you complain about having terrible search results, take a deeper look at your SEO strategy, and ask yourself if you’re doing everything possible to improve your page ranking. Updating social media sites can help give your SEO strategy that extra boost that can help improve your page ranking.

Joe Giorgianni

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