Social Media For Business: Quality vs. Quantity

Most of us are familiar with the world of social media, mainly when it comes to personal use & connecting with family and friends.  When growing a personal profile, your main objective might be to increase your number of followers & likes however possible. The goals and objectives of social media for business, however, are completely different from that of a personal profile.

What is the Purpose?

The basic concept of using social media to benefit a business is to focus on quality vs. quantity. This applies to your number of followers as well as posting frequency. The genuine interest & potential value that each follower has to your company is more important than just getting as many random accounts as possible to follow you. You want a collection of users from your industry, as well as individuals who are particularly interested in your company and its particular products or services. This way, each of your followers is a potential conversion.

How Should You Engage?

When joining a social media outlet, Twitter, for example, it is important to make connections with those related to your field. This can be people who are either looking to learn more about your services or purchase your product, or those with industry authority who will engage in ways that spread your message. Focusing efforts on growing a following without targeting your audience will technically grow your following but is less likely to convert into leads, and a group of random followers will lead to low engagement with your content. When you are developing your social media identity, make your community one that is the most promising for further connections and opportunities. Follow people & brands, share & comment on other’s posts, and answer direct messages, and sooner or later people will be doing the same with your content.

What Should You Post?

The focus again with posting should be quality over quantity. You should be sharing valuable and interesting information, and linking back to your business to bring traffic to your site. You might share photos of your workers in action, job sites, & other types of relevant and interesting content. Using relevant hashtags and keywords will further your visibility among your target audience. If you post too often (more than once a day), and it is low-quality content created just for the sake of posting something, followers will view you more like spam than as a reputable business profile. Calls to action should make your company appear approachable and personable.

Though you might be discouraged by the size of your social community at first, it is important to remember the overall goal: more brand interest and more business. Just like anything regarding an online presence, if you optimize your strategy, your company has plenty of potential on social media.

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