Social Media Definitions: What You Need to Know (Part 3)

We’ve gone over a lot of social media definitions in our past posts and what you need to know to keep up to date with social media marketing and the latest trends. We’ve made it to the last part of our series on every definition you need to know to keep up with social media. For all the definitions you need to know, view our part one and part two here. 


A mention is where either on Twitter or Instagram you tag another user’s handle or account. That account will get a notification that you’ve mentioned them and they can reply directly.

News Feed

Every person’s account will have their own personal news feed with people they are following or friends with. This is where you will see any updates from your friends as they’re happening. On Twitter, your news feed is referred to as a timeline.

Organic Reach

This is the number of unique users who saw/viewed your post without any paid promotion. People typically find posts from their feed or what their friends have posted.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click can sometimes also be called cost per click (CPC) and this is where you are paying every time someone clicks on an advertisement. The cost of every PPC campaign can vary and is determined by how competitive the keyword you are bidding on is.


Reach is a social media metric where you can see how many people saw your post. It’s different from impressions because even if someone specific see your post multiple times, they’ll still only count as one person who the post reached. This is important when you are looking at how large your audience is.


This is an advertising tool that focuses on re-engaging any visitors who went to your website and then left the website without converting. Retargeting uses a small tracking tag on the website’s back end, and then once people leave your website, you can target them on other websites, social media platforms, or blogs.

Response Rate

Your response rate is a metric that is used to show how much you are interacting with your audience. This is typically shown on a Facebook business page with your average response time. If you have a high response rate, it will help affirm your business.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is the process where you monitor and respond to questions, posts, and mentions about your business.


This is a topic or hashtag that is popular on social media at a given moment on a given day. This hashtag or topic usually has a sudden rise in popularity on social media. You’ll typically see what trends for you based on what you like or engage with, your location, and who you follow.

When you are first learning social media terms sometimes it can feel like a completely new language, but the more you immerse yourself within the world of social media you will become fluent. The more terms you know about social media, the better you are able to prepare your marketing strategy.

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