Social Media Definitions: What You Need to Know (Part 2)

We went over if you are working in social media how it’s hard to stay up to date with the changing social media terms in social media definitions part 1 earlier. Now let’s keep looking at the terms you need to know and what they mean.

Social Media Terms


Your “feed” is your updates, your new photos to see, and the stream of content by users you follow or are friends with. On most social media platforms, you feed is your homepage and the most common way to see posts and then engage with them.


A follower is a user on any given social media platform who follows your posts in their feed. Both personal accounts and business accounts can have followers and follow other accounts. The number of followers you may have is a great metric to see how your account or audience is growing over time.


This is where you can add a specific location to a post. This can be a city or a specific place of business. It’s a great way to get more visibility to your posts or see other posts from that location. The GPS on your smartphone will be able to pull locations on your device which you can link. You can also search for a location.


A geotag is where you can target users in a specific location for an advertisement. Instead of creating an ad that the whole world will see, you are able to target people who will be interested in your services or products. This way, a user can be included or excluded based on their location.


A hashtag is either a word or phrase that is followed behind the hashtag symbol (#). This is a common way to connect your post with other posts on social media with shared interests or anything that is currently trending. It makes your content easier to find and helps the post reach the audience it is intended to.


This is the number of times your post, ad, or update is displayed for a specific user in their feed.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

A KPI is a metric that is used to measure a specific business goal.  With social media marketing, these are the metrics that are used to determine if your campaign has succeeded or failed. Some examples of what is looked at most times are the number of brand mentions, any replies or retweets, and clicks to a website from a particular post.

If you are a new user on social media management for your business and are overwhelmed with the terms, what you should be doing, and how to grow your social media presence, we can help. At Boston Web Marketing, we offer digital marketing services to help you get found online. From social media management to website design and Google ads management we can help you with whatever you and your business needs. For more information call us at 857-526-0096 or contact us directly via our website. 

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