Social Media Definitions: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

If you work in social media, you know that there are important terms which are constantly changing which you need to stay ahead of and be in the know. These terms will help you stay on top of what’s going on with social media marketing. Knowing these definitions will help you alter any campaigns or strategies you are currently doing to make social media work for you and your business.

Social Media Terms


People use this to describe their feed algorithm. In social media, the algorithm is constantly changing which changes what users see on their feed, and what they don’t see. Knowing the algorithm is important when creating content and if you are going to be running any promotions or boosted posts. 


This term is used when people are talking about your page or brand, they want you to use the voice and tone to express who you really are and your own opinions. This typically means a lot to your followers and if you aren’t authentic then they will typically unfollow you.


This is the profile’s icon, how people can recognize them and is also called a profile picture. This represents you on social media, this is often times your photo or if you are managing companies social media accounts then it could be their logo.

Average Response Time

The average time that a company responds to a message or solves a problem. You want this to be low to show people that you are engaged with your page.


This is a short description which allows people to get an insight into who you are or what the page is about. It’s the first thing people see when they go to your profile. This is a great place to add links to your website or any other accounts Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter this is called a bio, on LinkedIn though, it’s called a summary.

Brand Advocate

These are typically people who love your products or services so much that they advocate for it. They are an extension of your marketing team and advocate for your products or services without being asked to.

Content Marketing

This is what businesses use to attract new customers and help them retain their current customers with pictures, videos, guides, or infographics. This is typically useful, engaging, or educational.

Direct Message

Also known as a DM, this is a private message sent to just your profile. Other people who follow you or the person won’t see the message.

Engagement Rate

This is the metric that social media which lets you know the number of people who saw the post and engaged with it – and took an action. The action could be liked or commented on the post. A higher engagement rate typically means that the top is more compelling and shows the success of that particular post.

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