Social Media by the Numbers

The number of active social media users has been on a continuous increase for the last decade. These numbers are staggering. It is important for businesses to be aware of the vast size and scope of social media, in order to take advantage of all the opportunities it presents.

There are over 900 million active Facebook users, with over 170 million people visiting in a single day. Some say Facebook could reach a billion worldwide users by the end of this year.  If your business is only focusing on the United States, there are still almost 200 million Facebook users in the USA.

90% of social network users will be on Facebook in 2012.

Facebook is still the king of social media. I don’t think this will change any time soon.  Make sure you link your website to your Facebook page. Include links to your Facebook page in email signatures. Stay active on your account; comment and like various users and posts.

66% of online adults are connected to one or more social media platforms.

Whether it is Twitter or Pinterest, there is probably another suitable platform for displaying your brand or product.  Social media users do not limit themselves to just Facebook, so neither should your company.

55-60% of the US population has a Facebook account.

The population is growing.  More kids are reaching the 13 year age limit every day. And on the other side of the spectrum, more Grandparents are getting connected, too, albeit with a little help from the grandkids.

50% of social media users say they check in to their favorite networks first thing in the morning.

Get active early! It’s easy to have an email, tweet or status update waiting in the morning to reach that large chunk of social media users.  If you are not a morning person, look for an app or program to schedule your tweets in advance.

31% of Facebook users sign in more than once a day.

This does not mean, however, that the average user wants to hear from their electrician or dentist five times a day on their Facebook feed.  Try to engage your fans and followers the first time – if your content is engaging enough, people will like and share it on their own.

29% of brands have used Facebook to offer deals or shopping incentives.

In my opinion, this number should be much higher!  I think deals and incentives are one the best usage of your social media pages, other than showing your customers all the friendly people at your company. Offer an online coupon or contest every once in a while and your users will appreciate it, and most likely share the opportunity with their friends.

20–30% of Facebook users are “power users” who frequently link, poke, post and tag themselves and others;

20% of social media users would consider purchasing products directly within a brands’ social media sites;

17% of Facebook pages feature products;

4% enable a complete purchase checkout within their Facebook page.

I grouped these last four together because I think they foreshadow an emerging trend.  Many retailers struggle with maintaining their own online shopping cart. Facebook, being so user friendly and popular, could provide a solution for small businesses.  I think companies will continue to find innovative ways to use social media, including integrated products and shopping carts. And because people seem to trust Facebook, they are likely to complete purchases there, once this becomes more popular.

All these numbers show the amazing size and scope of social media, and the impact it’s had on our communication, web surfing, and shopping habits. I believe we will continue to see an increase in Facebook and other social media users, and see an increased presence of brands and companies there. Companies will continue to see the added benefit of social media, and will offer more promotions and offers through the sites.  Stay ahead of the curve.  Carefully plan your social media strategy, and always pay attention to the trends.

–          by Chris Schepici


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