How Can Social Media Benefit a Company?

According to a November 2016 report from the Pew Research Center, nearly 90 percent of all Americans are active internet users. What this means is that, for your business to reach as many people as possible, it must have profiles across most – if not all – of social media. Setting up an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a cost-effective way to increase your overall digital reach and target new potential customers.

Here are a few significant ways you can get the most out of what social media has to offer your organization:

  • Time your posts correctly. When posting to social media, you need to be cognizant of your timing, as you want to reach the largest possible audience. Most people, for example, are on LinkedIn in the mornings midweek, while Facebook and Twitter posts are more widely circulated in the evening. Schedule your posts for peak traffic hours.
  • Diversify your online presence. You do not want to limit what you put on social media, as users will quickly get bored with repetitive posting. Mix up what you put online – running a weekly sales special, for example, will get high engagement and keep users coming back. Evergreen content offering various tips and pieces of advice will make your website an authoritative voice in your industry.
  • Stay current with the times. In our increasingly polarized political climate, it is important to stay away from topics that could possibly alienate new customers. While fake news has seemingly taken over the internet, there are ways to engage in apolitical ways. Letting your staff participate in viral stunts, such as the mannequin challenge, and posting the videos online can generate a large customer response.
  • Select your target demographic. Each social media website allows you to select the groups of people you want to reach by default. To attract female patrons, for example, having a Pinterest board is a great idea, as over 80 percent of Pinterest users are women. LinkedIn can be useful for any B2B promotions or recruiting new staff members.

Getting the most of your company’s social media accounts takes both time and dedication. Even if you do not have much experience navigating the waters of Pinterest or Instagram, taking the time to learn and develop those skills will benefit you professionally in the long run.

Following the above tips is a good starting point, though there is no magic combination that will make you more successful on social media than others. But by posting fresh content regularly and engaging with consumers, social media can make 2017 an exciting year for your business.

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