A Future in SEO?

Microsoft has just released, a site that combines social networking with searches and allows its users to form connections with others as well as share everything from news to video clips.  Sound familiar? Yes, it does, but aims to differ from the already existing social networking sites rather than attempt to replace them.  However, some might wonder (myself included) if this site could be a success, or if the general online community is happy enough with the social platforms that already exist today.

Let’s consider for a moment that does ultimately expand and become a popular, thriving site.  If this becomes a reality, then companies hoping to further their online exposure and popularity could have a chance to use as an additional venue in their SEO efforts.  Though at the moment is only available for use by college students (Facebook once was too, and now look at it), businesses might one day promote themselves on this site and ultimately gain more followers/potential customers who are exposed to these companies after seeing them in the “interests” section of someone else on the site. allows users to grab outside sites and build different groups of interests, so why would a company not take the opportunity to contribute to this platform and possibly achieve an increase in their online visibility throughout this community?

The setup and display of is said to be similar to that of Pinterest (a questionable site for some at first, but now a huge social media hit), and though some might feel like Pinterest is enough in itself to be a part of, the two are not entirely the same and could both be sites that are successful and enjoyable.  If were to become available outside of college students, and my guess is that it will, companies seeking to improve SMO could join this site as well, create their own communities and expose their business to others who share the similar occupations or interests.  The more a company personalizes with their customers, the better, and this site is yet another way that this can be achieved.  Perhaps, like Pinterest, Google will crawl in the future as well, so taking the time to optimize your business on this site (this is as simple as naming images you want to provide with titles that include business-related keywords) can do nothing but help.

It is certainly still too early to tell what the future of will be, but it is interesting to think about its potential and whether or not the majority of the social networking community will be receptive to it.  Many people probably never thought that sites like Facebook or Twitter would have the extent of the success that they have today, so if becomes the next best thing, it is yet another great way for companies to socialize, optimize and utilize the internet.

-Casey Guntlow


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