Snapchat’s New Features

Today the popular app, Snapchat, has added a new feature called “Memories” which is about to make some big changes. For this new feature, users can save Snaps and Stories inside the app and send them out to their friends again. This change sacrifices Snapchat’s “raw” or “in the moment” element but is getting users to spend more time on the app. Users will still be able to save Snaps and Stories in their camera roll but now they can edit their old pictures on Memories and send it out again! Below are videos of how Memories work:

A simple swipe up on the camera screen will show the Memories module where you will see your saved Snaps and Stories. Edit your saved Snaps and Stories within Memories and turn them into new ones to show your friends! Also for the first time ever, you can import your videos and photos from your camera roll inside Memories and post them up on your Story.  Snapchat also has another new feature called “My Eyes Only”.  This feature allows users to save password-protected Snaps. While “Memories” was designed to let you pass your phone to your friends and share your photos, “My Eyes Only” was created to let you pass your phone to friends without fear that they will see any of your embarrassing selfies!

These new features on Snapchat will be predicted to be more addicting; Memories will create an outlet within Snapchat to save, edit, organize, and republish their Snaps instead of using other apps to do it.  Snapchat will most likely be less spontaneous and be more polished now that users can take pictures or videos from their camera roll that has been shot days ago and create content on the app. Snapchat will host more edited and controlled content with the new “Memories” feature. California is the first to try out this new feature on Snapchat today and they are hoping to make it worldwide by the end of the month. What are your thoughts on Snapchat’s new feature? Do you think it’s beneficial for them or do you think they will encounter problems?

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