Snapchat Targets Advertisements Based On What Users Buy

Snapchat advertisements are about to get very personal.  Snapchat will start ad-targeting based on what users purchase outside of the app by using third-party data.

Partnering with Oracle Data Cloud, Snapchat will be able to match user’s offline purchasing behavior with direct targeted ads.  With this data, Snapchat will be able to better track sales conversions from their ads.

The ad-targeting option will follow a similar strategy to rivals Google and Facebook, who also work with Oracle Data Cloud, by identifying the type of content users follow and purchase.

Snapchat is also looking to attract more ad dollars from marketers who are looking to increase brand awareness.  Marketers will be able to run ads to 100 different target audiences based on their profiles.  However, advertisers won’t be able to exactly target users based on specific, purchased products.

Snapchat is looking to show advertisers that they can deliver customers the same way Google and Facebook have been doing with the hopes of increasing their advertising business.

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