Snap Ads Max Reach, Snapchat Launches New Ad-Buying Option

Earlier this year, Snapchat introduced “Snap Ads Max Reach” to advertisers, a new way to advertise on their social media platform. Snapchat has stayed quiet about it, pitching to a few advertisers, but has confirmed it this past week.

Snap Ads Max Reach is similar to Instagram’s Marquee and Twitter’s First View, where an advertiser can “takeover” the platform for a day. Traditionally, a takeover is when an advertiser is the main feature of a publisher’s website homepage for a day, with various ad components such as branded backgrounds, themes, welcome ads, and mastheads. Usually in a takeover, the company advertising is the sole advertiser for the day.

Snapchat’s Snap Ads Max Reach guarantees that any United States based user who is shown a Snap Ad on the day of a takeover, will be shown the brand’s ad. As of right now, Snapchat is only available for advertisers in the US. Advertisers will have to contact Snapchat’s sales team.

Snap Ads Max Reach allows for three different ad formats for a takeover:

    • Ads: Snap Ads are a vertical video, up to ten seconds long. They can even include an attachment when users swipe up on the video.
    • Geo Filter: Geo Filters are a way for viewers to set an illustration on top of the photo they are taking. They can be set in many ways including:
          • Events (concerts)
          • Shared spaces (colleges, airports)
          • Chains (retail stores, restaurants)
          • National (spanning up to an entire country for national events & holidays)
          • On Demand (birthday parties, weddings)
    • Lenses: Special effects that trigger when a viewer is taking a selfie and opens their mouth, raises their eyebrows, speaks, etc.

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