Small Businesses are Adapting to COVID-19 & Using Digital Marketing to Help!

As a small business owner, no matter what industry you’re in, these unprecedented times have likely caused a large disruption to your business and may have forced you to make some difficult decisions. If you’re questioning how you can continue operations during these times where government-mandated “stay in places” have been put into effect,  it’s time to start thinking outside the box. Many local businesses have found creative ways to be able to serve their customers while following social distancing regulations and protecting the safety of their community. This ability to adapt to a changing environment quickly is what will allow your business to be sustainable.

Why Digital Marketing is Necessary

Maintaining your online presence is crucial at this time.  Keeping your customer informed and up to date with your latest offerings is key.

There are several digital marketing tactics that you should be using to your advantage to be successful with these strategies. Keep reading to learn which tactics will be useful for your business.

Social Media

In a society that is widely driven by the influence of social media, keeping your profiles up to date with the latest of your business’s information and offerings is key. Be sure to post regular updates on when your business is able to reopen if you have modified hours, if you’re offering virtual or online services, etc. In addition to promoting your own business, keep in mind that this time of uncertainty has stirred up a lot of anxiety and stress amongst many people. Use your platforms as an outlet of positivity for people. Do you own a dog training service? Post some photos of cute dogs to brighten someone’s day! If you own a clothing boutique, try starting a challenge amongst your followers. This could involve users posting themselves in their favorite “work from home” outfit and tagging your boutique. Whoever has the most creative post will win a gift card! Get creative and don’t forget that keeping your social media authentic and personable is always the most successful.

Updates to Your Website

Maintaining your website at this time is also crucial, as this is likely where people will go to find what your business is doing during this time in response to COVID-19. Try adding a banner to the top of your website that will catch peoples attention, and link it to an article on your site that explains in further detail what precautions your company has taken if you remain open, or what you’re doing in the interim to still serve customers with alternative methods.  Consumers feel good about supporting brands that are socially responsible, provide exceptional service, and treat their employees well. Use this as an opportunity to show just how wonderful your business is!

Alternative & Virtual Methods

As mentioned earlier, being able to adapt quickly to these conditions is imperative. Many local businesses have implemented virtual or alternative methods that still allow them to serve their customers. For example, moving in-person consultations to virtual conference calls. This can be done by using a platform such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. Some businesses, such as gyms and health clubs, are offering virtual content (in this case, workout classes) to serve their customers while they cannot be physically open for business. Restaurants are offering take-out and delivery services, e-gift cards, and additional merchandise to support their staff while their servers are unable to work. These are just a few of the ideas that local businesses are using to survive this situation.

If you need assistance in maintaining your online presence and effectively using digital marketing techniques, our team at Boston Web Marketing is happy to serve you. Contact us today to get started with an SEO specialist!

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