Small Business Website Builder Released by Google

Earlier this month Google released a new tool for small business owners.  Within Google My Business, business owners now have the ability to create simple websites within minutes. Although limited, the new tool is considered a website builder and is aimed to help the 60% of small businesses world wide that do not yet have websites.

In order to qualify to build a site with in Google My Business you must have a verified Business Listing on Google. This process can be completed in minutes by verifying your business phone number with an automated call from Google.

It is free to build a site on the platform but there are limitations that have a large impact on SEO and potential organic rankings.


Some limitations include:


  • Domain Name: The website builder will create a domain for you such as In order to have a custom domain (such as .com or .biz) you must pay an additional fee.


  • One Page Site: As of now there is no ability to build out a multi-page website within the website builder. This severely limits your ability to be found for multiple keywords and locations. If you are a business that offers multiple services, there may not be too much value using this tool.


  • Limited design functionality: Within the builder you can’t add alt text, call to action builders, or schema mark up.


Overall this tool will help small mom and pops shop that need a starter website looking to market their website online. A full website will eventually be needed if you intend to take advantage of SEO and organic rankings for your company and services.

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