Small Budget SEO Plans, With a Small Budget?

Do you have a start-up company, and are scared that you may not be able to compete with bigger companies in terms of SEO? This is a normal concern for small business owners or new business owners. But the truth is you can compete with any company as long as you are targeting specific types of SEO. In this FAQ Boston, Web marketing will give some tips on how to compete with other companies in terms of SEO.

Do you know how to optimize for mobile?

This may be one of the most important platforms you can optimize for in today’s age. Any type of business usually gets most of their conversions from mobile platforms. In a normal SEO report, we will usually see a dramatic separation from mobile traffic to desktop. To optimize for a mobile platform you much first make your site mobile friendly. After that, you should start optimizing your mobile site to have a specific call to actions. Bigger and more direct call to actions performs the best when users on mobile they are usually looking for the fastest way to contact your service. Always make sure your call to action is easily detected and front and center. A good way to have a consistent call to action is to add a sticky footer. A sticky footer will keep the phone number of your company on the bottom of the screen, even if your user scrolls down.

What is the importance of local citations?

A small business may not have the budget to use PPC or Google Ads to reach a father audience than their targeted area. However, if you use local citations, you can register your business to be found in the surrounding areas.  Once these citations are in place you can further optimize your site by adding service area pages. Service are pages will help you use certain areas that you are trying to target as keywords.

Why You Should Use a Site Map

One of the major reasons why websites lose traffic is because of “crawl ability” errors. So if you really want to increase your traffic results, you need to address such issues at the start of your SEO journey. A sitemap allows search engines to list all your website pages, so they are crawled effectively. Making a sitemap is super easy and takes little time. Once this is completed you should start to see a rise in your organics.

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