Slow Business in the Winter Months? Boston Web Marketing is Here to Help!

One key factor in boosting your online exposure as well as your business is blogging, but what happens when you’re at a loss for what to post about next?  It can be easier for some brands or companies to develop daily blog posts depending on their field of work or experience.  Some businesses are seasonal and depending on the time of year have no relevant content to post; this can leave you confused about what to talk about when you have fewer topics or announcements to pass on to your blog’s audience.  Don’t let this get you down, there is always some creative subject matter you can use to keep your posts full of interesting content.  Follow this simple acronym- FAIR:

  • Focus on the season up ahead: Start brainstorming about some great deals, events, etc. to get underway in the near future and announce them on your blog with considerable detail.
  • Take advantage of upcoming events or holidays: The Superbowl, for example, is a perfect opportunity for a party planner to market themselves or a custom sign shop to promote a custom banner for your favorite team with you business on it.
  • Introduce your company’s staff to your readers: Who is everyone? How and why did they become a part of your business?
  • Reflect on your past year of business and list out some of your company or brand’s pinnacle moments.

While the list could go on, these are just a few suggestions to consider when you find yourself gazing at a blank page with nothing to write.   The winter months can often leave companies less busy and struggling for business, so why not make this the perfect opportunity to work closely with your SEOteam and get keep your readers reading and potential customers coming in.  The more high-quality score content the better and a blog is a perfect opportunity to make your business more compelling to your audience.

If you are interested in more SEO techniques or would like to hire BWM to manage your reputation online contact them at: or call 857.526.0096.

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