SlideShare Strategies and Optimization

In the SEO world we are always looking for creative and Google-approved ways to provide content online that will help boost a brand or company’s website.  Blogs are the infamous and most successful approach to this goal, but other platforms exist as well that can be of great value as well as expand your exposure to new audiences when utilized correctly.

You may have heard of SlideShare, a platform previously discussed and suggested as a way to promote yourself online, and it is a network that a recent article targeted by providing various strategies to use in order to see its real benefits.  For those SEOers and business-owners that prefer visuals over lengthy text, SlideShare could be right up your alley.

This platform lets anymore share a catchy presentation with photos and facts, documents that provide customer testimonials or even a professional video to help inform their audience about a company, product, or anything else they want.   To stand out, though, and ensure that your slides are seen by as many viewers as possible, there are a few things you should consider.

One strategy that you may find will draw you more attention is to create catchy and/or unusual title slides.  Why not stand out from the crowd and make a memorable impression with how you introduce yourself, company or brand?  Personally, I would be much more apt to click on a presentation that started like the one presented above than to choose a generic and much less appealing title slide.  Make others interested in what you have to offer right before they even see the rest of your content.

Another suggestion (and one that could surprise you), is to create long, data-focused presentations.  One might think that a lengthy slideshow will lose the viewer’s attention and interest, but overall, SlideShare users have found that the longer the presentation, the better it performs on this platform.  Unlike some social networks such as Twitter, there are no limits to length.  This attribute gives each user the ability to really emphasize important data-drive content that could help convince a viewer of a company or brand’s true value.

What is also great about SlideShare is that you can connect this network to the rest of your social media community.  This particular platform will probably have a different audience than that of Facebook or LinkedIn, so the ability to intertwine each network could lead to further viewers, people of interest, and business overall.  Plus, it’s a different and fresh approach to online marketing and promotion, so why not give it a shot and see where it could take you?

-Casey Guntlow

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