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When talking about social media, our minds tend to immediately think of outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and now even Google+.  These are obviously all very popular and beneficial in their own way, but people should also branch out beyond these choices and consider networks such as SlideShare.

Our goal with these social sites is to reveal ourselves and give others an idea of what we are about.  If you are a business owner with the intention of promoting your company, wouldn’t this be especially important? SlideShare is a business network that allows you to take advantage of this goal by creating your own personalized presentations.  This might make you think back to your college days (like me), when you spent numerous hours on PowerPoint creating presentations for class, but it is a strategy that could pay off.  A business owner is able to share a catchy presentation with photos and facts, documents that provide customer testimonials, or even a professional video.

What is even better about SlideShare is that you can connect this network to the rest of your social media community. The ability to upload and link your personalized presentations to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, as well as create links back to your own company website and blog, are certainly worthy reasons to pursue this network.

Not only are you able to tie your various social platforms together with SlideShare, you are also given the opportunity to enhance your status as a business.   Including SlideShare within all of your online networks provides more content about the company (the kind of content that you, the business owner, want potential customers to see).  This puts you in a position where you are exercising a level of online reputation management: providing and promoting positive content about your business that will in turn push down any negative comments or company reviews that might exist.

In a nutshell, the more opportunities you have to expand your online exposure, the better.  Using SlideShare as a tool to promote yourself or your company in a more unique way (see tips here), certainly has the potential to pull in more interest, and in turn, hopefully more business, when done correctly.

– Casey Guntlow

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