Skills That Every Social Media Manager Should Have

Managing your social media platform for your business can be a big, time-consuming task, especially once you’ve built up a substantial following. As a business owner, you already wear so many hats for your company. Keeping up with social media posting, replies, comments, etc., can seem nearly impossible. Hiring a specialist to manage your platforms for you can be highly beneficial. If you are going to hire someone, here’s what you should look for.

Exceptional Communication Skills

If someone is going to be connecting with your potential customers, it is crucial that their communication skills are up to par. Using proper spelling and grammar should be a given. Understanding the audience in which they are trying to reach, and speaking in a way that represents your company’s values is essential. The language that they use should be consistent with your branding and marketing efforts. Making sure that they are communicating properly for the platform is also important.

Creativity and Personality

There’s a big difference between social media use for personal vs. business use. However, that doesn’t mean that businesses shouldn’t post creative, personable content. In fact, one of the major advantages of using social media for a business is to show your company’s personality and show the face behind the brand. You want to come off as approachable to your potential customers. Enlist someone that has this balance between professional, and personable mastered.

Visual Skills

Social media requires a great deal of visual skill. The majority of posts that perform well on Facebook and Twitter include some sort of visual, and it goes without saying on Instagram. Therefore, having the ability to take their own creative photos, or create visually appealing infographics, or even selecting compelling stock photos is essential to a successful platform.

Patience & Adaptability

Sometimes, growing a successful social media platform can take a lot of trial and error. Remaining consistent with posting and replies, being willing to change up what is not working, and constantly taking new approaches is key. Social media, and the internet, in general, are continuously evolving. Find someone who is willing to stay on top of this.

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