Sitemaps: Crucial For Your Website

Have you ever heard of a sitemap? Well, in case you haven’t, a sitemap is simply a user-friendly map, or guide, of your website. It aids and directs visitors to where they want to go. There are differences between HTML and XML sitemaps, so continue reading to discover the differences and learn why sitemaps can be crucial for your website. 


XML sitemaps are created for Google. They assist search engines and Google’s “spiders” to discover the pages on your website. These “spiders” are not actual bugs, as this is a term to indicate how Google crawls your website to pull data from each of your pages and URLs. This is used to better Google’s understanding of your site and what it entails. 

HTML sitemaps are created for the user. This sitemap serves website visitors with a simple guide to include every page on the website. This is typically broken down into the main or home page, followed by the sub-level pages, and then if there are even deeper sub-level pages to be included, those will be listed last. An HTML sitemap is essentially a clickable table of contents list of your website pages.

How HTML & XML Sitemaps Can Benefit Your SEO

Help to Organize Larger Websites. 

If users cannot find a page they are looking for, an HTML sitemap acts as a directory to discover their needs.  

It Highlights The Purpose of The Website. 

If you’re looking to provide keywords for context indication on your pages, anchor text is an excellent method to use without many cross-links. An HTML sitemap is an easy alternative to use choice anchor text. Enhance this benefit of SEO to highlight the most unique and relevant keywords to assist your sitemap

Can Increase Search Engine Visibility. 

An XML sitemap can direct Google’s “bots”, otherwise known as their AI, to develop an entire understanding of your site and all of its pages. This can result in higher ranking, as the bots’ may continue to scan and navigate the pages laid out for them.

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