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On September 7, 2006, Google’s sitemap guru, Vanessa Fox, wrote a blog entry entitled: Information about Sitelinks.  In this article Vanessa explained that Site Links are automatically generated, and that these Site Links provide users with more valuable information that pertains to their needs.  Vanessa also went on to explain that Site Links will be expanded upon in the future, that time is now.

As you can see Site Links are now much larger in size than they were previously.  Also, there are now one line descriptions about each page attributed to the individual Site Links.  This allows users to have a better understanding of exactly what each Site Link represents and whether it is pertinent to their individual search needs.

The exact algorithm that creates Site Links is a mystery, much like all of Googles search patterns.  It is typically agreed that site traffic, length of domain age, links back to your site, and ease of navigation are the most important factors that grant your website these great navigational tools.  Boston Web Marketing highly recommends companies hire a SEO (search engine optimization) firm to optimize their website in order to build a proper foundation to one day have Site Links.  As we can see by this recent update, Site Links are not going anywhere, and in fact seem to be increasing in importance for all websites on Google.

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