Adding a Sitelinks Search Box to your Website

Ever wonder how websites like YouTube have a small search box embedded into the specific search like this?












You can do this with your website as well with the WordPress plugin Sitelinks Search Box! This new plugin was featured on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog and it makes it easier than ever to add a Search Box.

How does it work?

Once you install the plugin via WordPress, it adds the JSON-LD schema markup for the Sitelinks Search Box on the Homepage. Once activated, you have to wait for Google’s Search Algorithm to identify your site as a candidate for the new sitelinks search box.

What are the benefits to the Sitelinks Search Box?

With a Sitelinks Search Box, it enables people to search through your websites content more effectively and efficiently. For example, when most people want to search for a video, they usually type in in the name of the website such as Youtube or the exact URL, They then follow this search with a more specific search such as “Tom Brady College Highlights after entering the website.

The sitelinks Search Box removes that extra step enabling users to immediately search for those Tom Brady highlights without having to navigate through the site.

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