Site Structure Mistakes to Avoid

Setting up a successful site structure can be a difficult job. Maintaining this site structure when your site keeps growing can be even more difficult. Adding all these new pages on your site can cause you to miss something or make a mistake. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Hiding your cornerstones

Your cornerstones are your most relevant posts and should not be hidden away. Cornerstone articles are the articles that you’re most impressed with and reflect on the topics and purpose of your website. Some people neglect to link to these articles, which is a mistake you want to avoid. If an article receives no or only some internal links, search engines will have a more challenging time finding it and valuing it. Hence, Google will notice these articles as less critical and rank them accordingly. The solution here is to link your cornerstones.

Not using breadcrumbs

Although they’re essential for user experience and SEO, some don’t use breadcrumbs, which is another site structure mistake. Breadcrumbs show how a page fits into your site’s structure and allows users to navigate your site easily. Also, breadcrumbs help search engines discover the structure of your website.

Huge categories

Your categories should be nearly alike in size. But, some people end up writing about one subject way more often without realizing and then disregard other subjects. As a result, one category can gradually grow much more significant than different groups. Your site becomes unbalanced when this happens. Also, you’ll have a harder time ranking with your blog posts when they’re part of a vast category.

Using too many tags

Keep in mind the tags you create, and make sure to tag your posts appropriately. Some people want very specific tags, but if every post receives one or more new tags, you’re doing too much. You’re not adding structure, because posts don’t become linked or grouped. Think about the tags you create and make sure more than one of your posts will relate to this tag.

Not visualizing your site structure

A final site structure mistake people make forgets to envision their website’s structure. Visitors need to be able to find stuff on your website without an issue. The main categories of your blog should ideally all have a spot on the homepage menu. Try not to create too many categories, or your menu will look messy and cluttered. A menu should give an overview that is clear to the user and reflect the structure of your site. Ideally, the menu helps visitors learn how your website is structured.

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