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How Can I Optimize My Website For Mobile Devices

As more internet users continue to browse on their mobile devices rather than desktops it is important that your website is designed to support mobile device sessions. Websites and content that support mobile users not only look cleaner and more professional, but they can also improve your page rank! A website that is optimized for mobile users is a great SEO tactic and should be a great focus. Below, we will offer tips on how you can best optimize your website for mobile browsing.

Condensed Introductions

When considering mobile optimization it is important to avoid long-form text, especially introductions. Due purely to the size difference in mobile versus desktop display, mobile users will be forced to scroll further down the page to see necessary information, in turn boosting the bounce rate.

Regardless of the device a user is on the introduction on a given landing page should be informative and succinct being able to capture the user in a quick sentence. Eliminate excess words or keyword stuffing and be sure that your introductions are short enough to be seen on a mobile device while still being clear and direct. 

Include Images and Media

The use of images and other media on a website can obviously make your website look cleaner and more professional. However, it can also be a great tool to improve mobile optimization. A helpful photo, infographic, video, or the like can condense information into a smaller space while providing the same detail as drawn-out text. This again is helpful as it reduces display size and cuts down on the navigation a mobile user must complete to get the same information as a desktop user. Helpful visuals can add dynamic content to your site that makes it more eye-catching while creating a better mobile experience.


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Preview Before You Publish

Now that your content is ready to publish it is vastly important that you do a mobile preview before you officially launch it! The most effective way to do so is to visit your webpage, right-click and inspect the page. Once the inspect window is open you are able to view the page from mobile dimensions of popular devices or custom dimensions. In this view, you can fine-tune the page to make sure the content is easily readable and the formatting is appropriate for mobile devices of all types including tablets and cellphones. Once this is done your webpage is ready to go live and support mobile sessions!

Contact Boston Web Marketing To Design Your Website

There is certainly a learning curve when it comes to web design. Rather than doing it yourself, let Boston Web Marketing’s web design team create a beautiful and optimized new website for you. 

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