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Siri Has Established Itself as the 2nd Biggest Mobile Search Engine

While Google remains the dominant search engine for mobile users, Siri is now officially the second-most popular search engine. According to a study conducted by Fivesight research using 800 participants, Siri sees more mobile searches than either Bing and Yahoo. Each year, the percentage of Google searches via mobile devices increases – with this year reaching approximately 60% of all searches coming from a mobile device.

The breakdown of mobile search data goes as follows:

  • Android Users: 90% used Google
  • iPhone Users: 78% used Google
  • All Mobile Devices: 84% Google, 6% Siri, 2% Yahoo, 2% Bing, 4% other

Because the makers of these mobile devices heavily advertise for their “personal assistants”, like Siri and Cortana, it appears most owners of such devices actively use these feautures. Furthermore, due to the default browser settings on different brands of mobile devices, there’s a distinct preference in browsers choices in users of both Andriod and iOS owners. While 78% of iPhone owners use Safari, about 76% of Android owners use Chrome.

Despite iPhone’s default browser being Safari, overall, Chrome has the largest market share, as approximately 50% of users navigate the web using Chrome versus other search engines.


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