Simple Ways to Get Found Online

When any prospective customers start to look for any products or services they want, the first place they turn to is the internet. They are going to be searching for generic key terms rather than your company name. They’re going to be looking for information to help educate them and make smart buying decisions. If you aren’t showing up in search results, these prospective customers, don’t have a chance to be your customers. Here are a few simple ways to help you get found online.

Utilize Seach Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful way to let Google and other search engines know what is on your website and what you are offering as either products or services. You will want to optimize your website for Google to be able to crawl and index your pages. Google will then be able to rank your website based on relevant searches that are being done.


Using headers and h-tags both efficiently and appropriately will help identify how relevant your content is and what is important on your page. Headers will help to point out and clarify what your content is about.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions give search engines a preview of what your content is about and what will be on your page. This will also be displayed on the search result page if the users want a preview as well.


Keywords are an important factor for SEO because most people are using specific keywords as search terms. Keywords are the exact terms that people are going to be putting into a search engine. For example, if you are looking for an oil change for your car, you will be putting in “oil change for a Toyota Camry” which will generate your results based on what websites have those keywords on their website.

SEO can be a complicated and confusing piece of marketing your business and it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you want your business to get found online, turn to the search engine optimization experts at Boston Web Marketing. We can help you improve your search results and grow your business in the most cost-effective way. For more information on our services or a free SEO evaluation of your website currently, reach out to us. You can contact us directly on our website or give us a call at 857-526-0096

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