Signs Your Website is Due for a Content Refresh

The copy used to construct content throughout your website, from service pages to blogs, is among the most important aspects of your website. While some may be pushing more towards bright images and infographics, the SEO value that comes from them is not where a fully fleshed-out page with informative content, internal links and calls-to-action can bring you. However, it is important to periodically update your website copy to make sure it reflects current information, help boost your rankings and make sure it is still relevant to your business. Knowing when to update your website copy can be tricky. Follow these signs to know when it is time to rewrite your existing content!

Your copy no longer applies to your business or services

When first writing pages for your website, you may be inclined to follow keyword trends to drive traffic from potential customers, especially people who would be more inclined to convert into bona fide leads. However, when the page stops driving as much traffic as it used to and people are no longer calling or filling out your contact form, your copy is a good place to start looking to see if it is still relevant to your offerings. Because trends are constantly changing, going through your website content to see what could be edited at least once every twelve to eighteen months can help you maintain your search rankings and keep potential clients interested in what you have to offer. 

Your competitors’ web copy is providing solutions to your customer’s needs

Take a look at the content you have on your past, highest-performing pages. Look at them against what competing businesses in your industry and area are saying about the same services. If they are providing a more clear and comprehensive solution to what the customer is likely asking for, then it is time to redo some of your copy. Answer the questions, concerns, and problems that your business can solve in a way that is unique to your business, making you seem like the expert in the field and the best company to work with in order to solve your customer’s questions and needs. How is your business better than your competitors? How can you solve customer issues in a more cost-effective and efficient way than other companies?

Your original copy was written hastily and not very well

At the start of a business, many owners may decide to take marketing efforts into their own hands regardless of knowledge of marketing and SEO. However, content done on little to no budget can hurt your website in the long run. Effective website copy is rich in keywords and description about your business, including how customers can benefit. Short, concise pages might look less threatening and overwhelming to a customer, but the benefits of longer pieces of content can help you for a long time. 

Website Audits & Content Refreshing

If you have had the same content on your website for some time and aren’t getting the same results from online traffic and conversions, contact Boston Web Marketing today! We will be able to perform a content audit and develop a strategy to kickstart your SEO efforts and boost your rankings! For more information, call or fill out our convenient contact form today!

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