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Should You Optimize Your Site For Questions?

People frequently use awkward language and phrasing when searching for an answer to a question because they want to get Google to understand what they are saying. This phenomenon is known as “keyword-ese”. This writing style has developed because Google had some problems understanding the meaning of conversational or complicated queries. Here are some beneficial things to know about Google and optimizing your site for questions.

Google is looking to find answers to questions

Times are changing and evolving quickly. With its latest big update, BERT, Google got a lot better at interpreting complex search queries. The most notable difference is that Google currently uses the relations and context of all the words in a sentence, instead of individual words in a one-by-one order. And that leads to a more accurate recognition of questions, too. This assists them in finding more beneficial answers to questions people are searching with. This shows us that Google isn’t only scanning for answers to questions; it is also looking for more beneficial questions to show the answers.

Why you should optimize for questions

Google is getting a lot better at interpreting questions. They’re not solely looking for answers to questions, but also for questions to answer. This way, they can assist their users in getting what they’re searching for. To help that happen, Google wants you to write an original, user-friendly copy. They want you to write for your users, not with Google in mind. They want you to optimize questions people would naturally ask, not for keyword-ese questions. And if you do, this allows for improved organic search visibility, for example, in featured snippets, answer boxes, and “People also ask” sections. That isn’t the only reason why it’s good practice to optimize for questions. Research shows that questions are very appealing. Certain questions can trigger something in your brain: after reading or hearing a question, there’s a chance you can’t think of anything else. The human mind can only think about one idea at a time. When your question is seen on your site or in the search results, they are required to acknowledge that question, which can be quite a powerful tool. What’s more, is that questions are also beneficial for audience research. Being able to see what questions people have enables you to get to know your users better—and knowing how to help them can make for some excellent content and social media possibilities.

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