Should You Continue Email Campaigns During a Pandemic?

The impact of COVID-19 has had an effect on businesses in many ways and has challenged business owners to learn how to navigate through these times, with a variety of hurdles in their way. While many businesses have had to shut down their physical locations across the globe, it has encouraged people to take their businesses online or find alternative solutions to continue offering their products or services while abiding by all regulations.

In addition to keeping their business running, the nature of their digital outreach, both on social media and through email marketing has changed immensely. Since the beginning of this pandemic, all of our social media newsfeeds and inboxes have turned into COVID-19 central. So many business owners question, should we continue doing email marketing at this time? If so, how do we be empathetic, while still promoting our business? The simple answer is yes, you should continue with email marketing. How you go about it, however, may not be a “one size fits all” answer. Here are some tips to continue providing your clients with relevant information via email campaigns, while staying appropriate for the times.

Choose Your Messaging Carefully

During a time like this, it’s especially important to consider your tone, and how your message comes across. You want to keep people informed about your business, but you also want to be empathetic and compassionate about the individual crises people are currently facing. First, you don’t want to come off salesy or pushy, in any way insinuating that your product is essential. Rather, you want o take a stance of showing how your product or service can truly benefit the customer, and provide value to them during this time. You also want to be fully transparent; We’re all in this together, and working through the struggles together will allow your company to be relatable on an even more personable level than usual. 

Think About the Email Content

Email marketing during this time gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers; How you do so, is up to you. Whether you want to continue to promote your products, offer support and sympathy, or inform customers of your alternative business solutions, all are great ideas for content. Many brands have offered relaxation or destressing tips for their clients, others have started doing contests or giveaways to brighten their customers’ days, and others have created charity fundraisers, etc. It’s important to try to be positive, while not being ignorant of the current situation.

Consider the Timing

While people are working from home, their schedules have likely changed drastically. What might’ve worked for timing before, may be different now. You don’t want your emails to end up in people’s junk folders unopened. Considering when people are on their phones or computers, and doing testing of different times or different days to send your emails may be useful. 

Enlist a Digital Marketing Company to Create Effective Email Campaigns 

Email marketing is absolutely crucial for staying connected with customers during this time, and many people have even made the case that it is far more effective than social media. Emails have the potential to feel personal, and valuable. If you need assistance in creating effective email marketing campaigns for your business, we can help! Get in touch with the digital marketing experts at Boston Web Marketing today to get started. Fill out an online contact form or give us a call 857-526-0096!

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