Should Social Media Be Your Only Marketing Strategy?

This question may have an easy answer, no; but let’s go over some of the benefits of using social media sites to advertise your business and connect with your audience. After we discuss the benefits, we will go over some of the things you are missing out when you only use social media sites.

The Positives of only Using Social Media Sites for Marketing:

For a lot of small businesses, especially those who have just opened shop, social media sites for their marketing can be beneficial, and of course cheap. Even if you have to hire an expert to update your business on the thousands of social media sites that are out there to connect with your audience, you will stay safe lots of money.

It is also a great source to use when your audience uses social media sites on a regular basis; that way you can connect and communicate with them on a face to face basis. If you have had success in past experiences with your customers on social media sites, why not try it again?

Social media sites, allows businesses to be as specific as they want, which allows owners to describe their products in a way that will attract their audience members. If you have had recent success with social media sites, and you know for a fact your audience members are avid users, social media sites will benefit your business greatly; you’ll know what attracts them, and brings them in.

Why You Might Need More Than just Social Media:

To put it simply, more traffic comes from searches than it does social media sites. There may be millions and millions of social media users, but the fact of the matter is that searches bring in over 300% more traffic to websites than social media sites do. Traffic is what drives and creates conversions, and search engines provide too much traffic to neglect.

Social media is a great way to get noticed, and to connect with your audience on a face to face level. But on its own, social media is not powerful enough; certainly not powerful enough to drive traffic and create conversions. People use search engines to discover and learn about new things; they use social media to socialize, see the difference?

This blog is NOT saying social media sites are a waste of time; what I’m simply saying is use social media sites, but in coordination with other search engine optimization strategies. In the short run in may seem more cost-effective to use only social media for marketing, but in the long run you’re going to want a combination of different strategies that will help your company gain more business.

By Joe Giorgianni

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