Should My Business Use Social Media?

It is no secret that the social media boom has now transformed into a highly lucrative form of advertising and, in turn, lead generation. Major corporations such as Apple have used social media to their advantage for years, so is it time that your business does as well?

No matter the size of your business or the industry you focus on social media is an important cornerstone of any marketing strategy. Below, I will highlight just how social media can benefit your business.

What Can Social Media Do For Me?

Social media drives conversions in a more unique sense than traditional marketing or a website does. One great use of social media is developing consumer trust and relations. This can be done by responding on a personal level to direct messages as well as comments. As you know, consumer trust is paramount in driving conversions and success as a business.

Not only can social media improve brand image and consumer trust, but it can also generate website traffic and conversions.

Building Your Profiles

While there is no harm in creating profiles across a variety of social media platforms it is important to focus on each platform’s user base and how it coincides with potential clients. For example, if you are a painting company targeting homeowners 35 and older Facebook’s demographics best match this as opposed to a clothing company targeting teens, which should instead utilize Instagram more heavily.

When building your profiles one of the most important starting points is your page’s bio or info section. This should feature a description of your company as well as a link to your website and a call to action. Once this is done it is time to start posting! Focus on unique content which will attract users to your website and eventually be a conversion. It is often useful to create a social media calendar of your own for each month to determine the type of content you plan to post throughout the month. This allows you to take time to be creative and create the best content possible. Not all content you post needs to be your own original content, however. When other users feature your goods or service in a post it is a great practice to repost this! Not only does this make the user who posted the content feel seen by your business, but it also shows other users that you value the consumer. 

Can All Businesses Use Social Media?

In short, yes. All businesses can and should utilize social media to promote their website and push conversions. There is nothing to be lost when creating social media profiles, after all, the platforms are 100% free to use with the additional option of paid advertising and promotions. As is the case with most facets of your business, you get out what you put in when it comes to social media. 

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As social media continues to expand and more businesses see its value, there is no better time than now to build your company’s social media presence. Contact our team at Boston Web Marketing to learn more about how we can help you!


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