Should I Use A Pop-Up Form On My Website?

As you browse the internet you are sure to come across a pop-up form or two. And you might have either a favorable or negative opinion towards them. On one hand, when used well, they can effectively inform visitors about important sales or business information. But when used ineffectively, they can be downright annoying and distracting. We have all experienced a moment when a pop-up disrupted use from what we were trying to do on a business’ site and ended up annoying us more than helping us. This dichotomy leaves many business owners wondering whether or not pop-up forms are worth it. Here are a few tips for creating effective pop-up forms and answers to some of the most asked questions in regards to these forms.

How To Create Non-Disruptive Pop-Ups

When creating a pop-up your goal is likely to avoid increasing the bounce rate on your website while simultaneously increasing conversions. To do this effectively you need to consider the relevancy of the content in your pop-ups, as well as the nature of your pop-ups. When choosing content, consider what your customers or website visitors will be most likely interested in. Are you running an aggressive sale? Do customers need to know about changes to your business that might affect how they shop? If so, these would be effective pop-up forms. Another thing to consider is the nature of your pop-ups. You can use a lightbox, a form that is centered on the screen and blurs out all of the website’s content behind it, or you could use a form that is in the header, footer, or side of the website. The latter is less disruptive but also easier to ignore. The former is sure to get more views but can also lead to bounces. One strategy is to consider the relationship between the importance of the information and how it will be presented. For instance, if your business is closed for a hiatus, a lightbox pop-up in the center of the screen wouldn’t be disruptive it would be vital. On the other hand, a small inconsequential sale for a single product would work better as a banner than a lightbox.

Are Pop-Up Forms Bad For SEO?

Aside from considering how pop-up forms may impact how your users view your website, it is also important to consider how it will impact how search engines view your website. Your homepage is extremely important in how Google and Bing understand and rank your website for key search terms. Traditional pop-ups that open in a new tab or send users somewhere else are detrimental to SEO. In fact, many browsers just block them now. Modern forms happen within the website window instead of affecting the browser. But even modern forms can cause problems. Anything that decreases website loading speed, decreases mobile-friendliness or generally decreases user experience can negatively impact SEO. This is why it is important to not pester your visitors with annoying forms.

Choosing The Right Triggers & Placements

One final thing to consider is what will trigger your pop-up content. Many website editors give developers a variety of options. From loading the pop-up as soon as the window has finished loading to only triggering when a user appears to be leaving your website. Always put yourself in your visitor’s shoes, what would you find annoying and what would you find to be helpful. Consider what pages the pop-up form should be. Instead of putting the form on all pages, either put it on the homepage alone or put it on a page that is relevant to the content. For instance, if you are offering a sale on a specific item, consider putting it on linked item’s pages. Your goal should always be to create an experience that increases users’ enjoyment of your site instead of annoying them.

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