Should I Try Facebook Advertising?

Whether you want to believe it or not, Facebook isn’t just a means of keeping up with your old college buddies anymore. The social media giant has made tremendous strides over the past few years to make sure that businesses — your business — are getting the attention they deserve. One major change to improve brand visibility is the use of advertisements.

What is Facebook advertisement?

You haven’t utilized Facebook to the fullest extent until you’ve tried their surprisingly effective advertisement campaigns. Their ads function similarly to the famed Google Ads in terms of audience reach, campaign budget management, and ad copy to reach your customers. There is even a nifty dashboard that shows all of your active campaigns, the reach of your last ad and average cost per page Like.

Who should use Facebook advertisements?

We encourage everyone to try out Facebook advertising at least once; it can be much more cost effective than Google Adwords. In fact, Facebook recently noted that an estimated 2 million small to medium-sized businesses take advantage of their advertisement campaigns. For those who are running on a smaller monthly budget, Facebook ads have a high return on investment. Business owners have found that their dollar goes further with this type of advertising than it does with Google Adwords.

Companies that have generated a large social media following, such as restaurants and retailers, will particularly benefit from ads. You can opt for a promotional ad if your business is planning a sale or giveaway, or perhaps you’re just looking to increase page Likes. No matter what your goal is to get people through the door, there is likely a Facebook ad campaign to coincide with it.

What are the benefits of Facebook advertisements?

Aside from broadening your audience on a smaller budget, these ads allow more creative control and flexibility. You can be precise with what type of audience you want to target: set a geographic location, gender or age group. There’s even A/B testing available to determine what type of ads are most effective. Don’t forget that mobile usage is on the rise for almost all industries, so why not take advantage of Facebook’s sleek mobile interface with ads that cater to those using mobile devices?

In short, we definitely recommend Facebook advertising. If you’re not sure how to go about managing your campaign, you can always enlist the help of a professional SEO or marketing company such as Boston Web Marketing. Contact us today!

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