Should I Target Keywords With No-to-Low Monthly Searches?

As all webmasters and SEO specialists know, to have a successful SEO strategy and campaign you will need to target high volume and relevant keywords. While this sweet spot is perfect to attract customers, it often leads to low volume keywords being completely ignored. While most think that ignoring low volume keywords is OK since you might not get any traction from them, could you potentially be missing out on traffic and leads from these words?

Low Volume Keywords & Their High Value

The great thing with low volume keywords is that although they may not get you a lot of traffic, they give you an opportunity to target terms that are highly relevant to your audience. In addition to having these keywords being highly relevant, you will know that your competition is probably not going to be targeting these keywords at all. This can give you a competitive advantage to outrank other businesses in your industry.

While you may not get large amounts of monthly traffic from these words, you can have peace of mind that your website is probably ranking highly for these low volume words. With high ranking, you can get the small number of users you will probably get from this search to become customers as these are the people who are really trying to find and purchase your product or services. By skipping over these types of keywords, you could be potentially missing out on conversion-ready traffic who are most likely more invested in your industry that other searchers on the web.

Benefits From Targeting Low Volume Keywords

Not only will you give yourself an advantage compared to your competition and driving slightly more traffic to your website, but targeting these type of keywords also come with additional benefits. By incorporating these terms into your SEO strategy, you could benefit from the following:

  • Super Relevant – Low volume keywords are typically long-tailed keywords that are extremely relevant to your target audience within your industry. The more relevant the content is on your site to their long search, the more likely the users will convert.
  • Build Interest – Low volume keywords are great opportunities to start building interest around smaller audiences or if you are trying to break into a niche market.
  • Great ROI – As mentioned before, the more relevant the content the more likely users are going to convert. Even the lowest volume keyword can drive conversions that offset the cost of the content itself.
  • Diversity – The great thing about low volume keywords is that competitor pages that show up for these searches probably aren’t optimized properly or barely relate to the search. If your pages are written, optimized properly, and the content is relevant to your audience then you can rank for a wide variety of low volume keywords.
  • Commercial Intent – With targeting these low volume keywords, you can capitalize on those specific “buying” keywords that will draw in users ready to buy your product or service.

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