Should I Outsource My Company’s Digital Marketing?

Marketing is a critical aspect of any business’ success. However, running and scaling a successful marketing strategy is not a small task. It takes dedication, both in terms of the time spent managing the strategy and all of the components that make up a marketing strategy as well as the knowledge it takes to plan a marketing strategy from scratch. Learn about what starting a digital marketing strategy entails so you can decide whether you should hire internally or outsource your company’s digital marketing.

Key Aspects to a Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies can vary greatly from company to company. Your marketing priorities may shift depending on a variety of factors, such as your industry, location, seasonality, company size and more. The great thing about marketing is that you can customize your approach to fit your exact needs, and those needs are allowed to shift and change over time.

Some common aspects of a marketing strategy may include:

  • Email Marketing/Newsletters: Usually sent on a regular schedule, these are particularly helpful for eCommerce companies who are trying to attract customers to their newest products. Read more about the benefits of email marketing here.
  • Social Media: Social media is a fantastic way to keep up with trends and gain popularity for your brand, however this may work at attracting customers and sales for some industries more than others. Learn more about if social media is a good fit for your company by reading this article.
  • Blog Production: Blogs are a great way to grow your authority on search engines and attract organic traffic by creating content that benefits many users, not only your potential customers.
  • Event Hosting: Event hosting can be a good way to get your brand recognized among your target audience. Nothing gets media attention like a star studded event!
  • Paid Advertisements: Paid advertisements are a good component to utilize because it allows you to specifically connect your content with specific search terms. It takes a lot of research and knowledge to run a paid ad campaign, but the results are worth it!

What Qualifies Someone as a Good Marketing Manager?

Creating and managing a marketing plan is a time consuming task that requires expertise across many different disciplines. Because of this, it takes a specific kind of person to fill the role of an internal marketing manager. If you’re considering hiring someone to fill an internal marketing manager role, keep these characteristics and skills in mind:

  • Creative: Creating content every month for your company is no light task. It requires a certain amount of creative genius to continuously come up with new ways to present your messaging.
  • Disciplined: Marketing managers often live in their own world. If they are the only marketing role within your company, it is important that they can prioritize tasks and function independently.
  • Passionate: They have to be passionate about their work and about the company that they work for. Their passion will come through in your marketing materials, which will help attract customers.
  • Data Savvy: Marketing is a constant battle of trying new techniques and measuring data to effectively tweak your strategy. Watching the numbers to understand when certain approaches are working well or need to be changed is critical. Utilization of modern marketing tools like Google Analytics is crucial.
  • Result Driven: The success of your company’s growth is partly on the shoulders of your marketing team. They should be incredibly driven to take your business to new lengths.
  • Well Researched: The marketing world is constantly changing. It is important that they continue to be well researched on the latest trends, algorithm changes and habits of your target audience.

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