Should I Invest In SEO, PPC, or Both?

Whether you are a new business owner or trying to expand your current business, knowing where to put your energy can be a great start when it comes to growing your business. We will cover a few marketing tactics that can be used to grow your business or online store; SEO & PPC are two different strategies that can help drive users to your website or storefront. This blog will cover they can be utilized alone, or together, to help grow your business.

A Brief Overview of How SEO & PPC Benefit Your Marketing Goals

While both methods revolve around keywords, traffic, and growth. For SEO, it is generally good practice to continually provide fresh and new content to your website to create more depth to your site, which increases relevancy & resources. PPC campaigns will utilize these keywords to extend beyond your existing client/ user base.

Pay Per Click is a targeted strategy that is designed to get a large number of leads in a short amount of time. The main objective is to drive traffic to a specific aspect of your business such as contact forms, purchases, or phone calls. PPC can be utilized by working with search engines and 3rd parties such as Google to promote your company across the web through relevant keywords, retargeting, and more.

The primary goal of Search Engine Optimization is to increase your digital presence through relevant web page content and proper page descriptions for your website, it consists of everything from the home page header to the footer on your contact page, as well as service or product pages. A consistent and easy way to maintain steady updates to your website is through blog posts, updating/creating service pages, or optimizing product pages for your business.

All in all, it may take time to perfect your SEO & PPC strategies, but when used together they can be a powerful asset for any business.


As with any marketing objective, it is important to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve. Whether that is increased web traffic, store traffic, engagement, or overall growth, there are a variety of means to accomplish these goals through SEO & PPC. While SEO is a marketing tactic that takes time to build up, the process can help improve your website & search rankings by optimizing the content on your website and expanding your reach through third-party platforms such as Google My Business, or by utilizing backlinks to grow your business organically. Paid Media comes at a cost but will yield results faster. While a paid campaign is extremely beneficial in terms of immediate exposure for specific products & services, only utilizing one of these tactics can put you at a disadvantage, for the growth that Organic and Paid Advertising can do combined, is substantially greater than one on its own.

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