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Should I Hire an SEO Agency?

As the internet age continues to boom there is no doubt about it, search engine optimization (SEO) is an important marketing tactic. Search engines make up the vast majority of users’ internet experiences and SEO boasts a far greater ROI than traditional marketing and other forms of web marketing. Business owners are keen on the importance of a good SEO strategy to drive business, but many are hesitant to outsource their SEO. In reality, paying for SEO strategies is a great business decision for many business owners. 


Why Should I Pay Someone Else to Handle My SEO?

As we know, SEO is highly valuable for a business, but where do you start? There are numerous options for kickstarting your website’s SEO updates whether you hire an agency or simply work on SEO yourself.


Working With an SEO Agency

Partnering with an established SEO agency such as Boston Web Marketing is, in most cases, the best option for making the most of your SEO efforts. Agencies offer experience, technology, and other resources that may not be accessible to the general public or more novice SEO strategists. This allows agencies to provide better results from your SEO and often on a faster timetable. Working with an agency allows further peace of mind for business owners as SEO is handled by an expert who understands your business’ unique needs.


If you do indeed decide to work with an agency, be sure to do your research before signing a contract! Research pricing and previous works as well as any reviews, don’t hesitate to ask hard questions and ask for their portfolio! A reputable agency should answer all your questions enthusiastically and provide you with any supplementary information you request.


Beyond this, many agencies including Boston Web Marketing allow dedicated specialists to work on one specific account meaning your SEO efforts will never be put on the back burner.


Taking On SEO Yourself

With an abundance of information and tutorials online as well as both free and paid software and additional applications available it is certainly possible to handle SEO yourself even without too much experience. 


Be aware, however, that learning the intricacies of SEO takes time and can be an undertaking. Starting from scratch and simultaneously learning SEO while also implementing it can lead to a much longer wait before you see results. Not only this but without a full grasp of SEO best practices and search engine algorithms your SEO work may even be counteractive and instead harm your SEO.


Are Paid SEO services worth it?

So, should you work with an agency on your SEO strategy? Absolutely! Having a team of experts oversee your SEO allows for faster, legitimate improvements leading to more conversions on your website! Are you ready to get started? Contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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