Should I Have A Live Chat Option On My Website?

Did you know that studies have shown nearly one-third of online visitors won’t request a service or make a purchase because they wanted to chat with a live person first? In an era that has become less personal & far more digital than ever before, many users still crave the ability to speak with a real person to give them confidence in their decision. With that being said, having a live chat feature on your site can help you secure leads that may have overlooked your site without it! Keep reading below to learn more about why you might want to consider adding a live chat option to your website!

Why A Live Chat Feature

Not only are we becoming increasingly impersonal as a society, we’re also becoming impatient. It often takes less than 3 seconds for a user to determine whether or not the website they’ve just landed on will help them or otherwise meet their needs. If you’ve managed to keep them on your homepage for more than this average time, then perhaps it’s time you considered a feature to help out your users who are browsing the site. Enter: an online chat feature.

You may have been on a website yourself with one of these online chat features. A few of the most common industries to utilize such features are contractors, insurance, tech support, and medical. These are a few of the industries where you would expect to find a chat feature because many users know they need this service, but they aren’t sure exactly what they’re looking for. Talking with another person can help a user organize their thoughts regarding what they need, while the business owner ends up with a higher conversion rate — making it a win-win situation. Many chat features that are available these days are either free or have a low monthly fee, and they allow you to customize many of them to fit your website’s theme.

Industries Who Benefit From Live Chat

Any business in the service industry can benefit from a live chat option on their website. Roofing companies, dentists, landscapers, movers, HVAC — you name it! The beauty behind the live chat system is that upon setup of the feature, the business contact (whether it’s the owner or a receptionist) can simply type in a cell phone number to which the inbound messages are received. This way you’ll never miss a potential lead, and your customer gets immediate answers regarding a product or service!

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