Should I Edit My Facebook Ad Audience?

You finally have an idea of what you want to promote on Facebook, you fine-tuned your copy, selected the best image to go along with the ad, and now you’re trying to figure out who you want to promote the ad too.  This is the perfect time to develop a custom audience for your Facebook campaign to ensure you have the most engagement and results from that ad.

Creating a Facebook Custom Audience is one of the most essential tools for developing and launching a successful ad campaign.  Facebook’s ad targeting options allow you to build audiences of users who will be more inclined to be receptive toward your posts.  Whether your business is large or small, you’ll be able to find targeting options that will match your goals of the promotion. However, what happens if you launch your campaign but realize while monitoring it, that the campaign can perform more successfully if you edit your audience?  Should you edit your campaign mid-run?

While Facebook allows you to edit your campaigns midway, it could be in your best interest to re-create your ad and here’s why: When you’re running a Facebook ad or boosting a post, your promotion will be targeted to a certain audience, and Facebook optimizes the ad for that specific audience.  If you adjust the audience while the ad is running, Facebook has to gather that information all over again and re-start the optimizing process.  This also makes it more difficult to analyze your ad’s overall performance because if you switch up your targeting audience midway, you won’t be able to understand the relationship between your ad and the results properly as the results could be mixed with the different audience changes.

Your best approach would be to duplicate the existing ad sets and adjust the audience targeting, instead of re-creating the ad from scratch.

Stuck on where to start?  Here are some tips on how to find and reach the customers you want, and how to determine who’s going to be seeing your ads or boosted posts.

Is your audience too broad?  Here’s how you can create a narrower audience:

Research demographics

Review your customer base and analyze prevalent audience demographics such as age, gender, and location. You can also further tweak your audience by researching the occupations, education, purchase behaviors, and lifestyle patterns of your intended audience.

Gauge audience interest

Use Facebook Audience Insights to have a better understanding of who your target audience is, and the type of content they engaged with on your profile. This will help you create the best possible ad for that audience group.

Target niche interests

Narrow down your target audience by adding several layers of interests, as this allows your selected audience matches at least one of the interests on each target level.

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