Should I Delete Under-Performing Posts?

So, you come up with a fantastic idea for a social media post, and you anticipate the likes and comments coming in, only for a few minutes to go by, and your post only got three likes.  Then you check three hours later, and you finally made it into the double digits.  You look at the post at the end of the day, and you didn’t get the volume of likes or comments as you had envisioned.  Do you delete this post?
With a fully developed content marketing strategy, you have a solid game plan of content that has the potential to have a high engagement rate.
But if most of your posts receive a certain and expected amount of engagement, and your lack-luster post hasn’t reached that level by the time of your next post, you might consider deleting it.
Why?  Because you want each post to count.  You want to save your audience members time by weeding out irrelevant content and finding the gems worth looking at.
Here are six questions to ask yourself before you delete a social media post.

  • Does it line up with my current vision and future goals?
  • Is this post helping me accomplish monetary goals?
  • Does it feel like spam?
  • Do you think your audience should see this post?
  • Is this post worth sharing?
  • Is this post visually appealing?

Still wondering if you should hold onto your post?  You should consider keeping posts to have a better understanding of how your audience resonates with some posts, and come up with ideas for more engaging content.  However, if your post isn’t aligned with your social media strategy, the delete button does exist for a reason.

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