Should I Create Separate AdWords Campaigns For Geo-Targeting?

AdWords provides you with the ability to target multiple cities and towns while simulataneously excluding certain areas. While you may choose to add bid adjustments for certain cities for your campaign, depending on your desirability to tap into those specific markets, you may also want to consider creating a separate campaign to specifically target one city.

sample ad text

One advantage of creating a separate campaign for a specific town or city is that it allows you to tailor your ad text to make it especially relevant for that one area. For example, if you own a pharmacy that’s located just a town over from an airport, you may want to create a separate campaign that has the airport’s location set as the sole location. You could then optimize your ad text to entice travel-bound customers into visiting your center prior to departure (see above example). Adding travel-related keywords to this campaign would then be the next step in making this campaign as effective as possible.

Another advantage to creating a separate campaign for a specific area is having the ability to only show your ads in certain towns on certain days. Going back to the pharmacy example, if a competing pharmacy located in a nearby town has cornered their town’s market, but is closed on weekends, you may choose to create a campaign for that town, but have it only display on weekends. This enables your business to serve as the go-to pharmacy for that town over the weekend, seeing as you’d be their sole provider. Also, creating a separate campaign for this one specific town prevents you from spending wasted dollars targeting the town during the week, when consumers from that town will invariably opt to visit the competitor pharmacy instead. This is because you can only have one location setting per campaign.




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