Should I be Using Structured Data on my Website? 

When it comes to your technical SEO, implementing structured data on your site has become essential. Structured data, often referred to as schema or markup, helps search engines to better understand the content of a page. It has become especially important for local businesses, as specific types of structured data can help provide more details about their location. However, the benefits of structured data can go far beyond local rankings. Check out the top 3 ways that implementing it on your site can be beneficial. 

Get Ranked for the Answer Box

When you type a question into the search box of Google, the search engine will often choose a response to show in the“Answer Box,” or “Position A.” For example, if you asked “How do I change a tire?,” a step-by-step guide may show up right in the search results, as a featured snippet from a website. Have you ever wondered how they decide which answer to show? Typically, the website has implemented structured data that automatically allow this response to be displayed. Several studies have shown that ranking for the answer box results in a high CTR for that site. 

Become the Answer for Voice Search Queries

With voice search becoming more and more popular, it’s essential to be optimizing for these searches. By adding structured data, you can help voice assistants to find your content. If you rank for the answer box queries, there is a good chance your site may be the only answer to a voice query. This is an effective way to get your site found, especially on mobile devices where voice searches are taking over. 

Shop Up in the Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph has also become an important part of the search experience, and implementing structured data can help you to show up here too. This can include marking up reviews, events, and any other information you find important for users to see. Ensuring that all details are correct is key. 

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