How to Use Email Retargeting

One of your top priorities as an email marketer is to establish a base of loyal subscribers who open your newsletters and eventually have them turn into customers.  And now that you’ve done the work of building out a contact list, and they’ve opened your newsletter, you have to think of other ways of engaging with those subscribers.

If you’re not actively engaging with your customers, they’re bound to lose interest.  As new customers are added to your list, your older contacts may eventually unsubscribe, or stop opening your newsletters.  What does this mean for you?  Lower subscriber count and those who never received your discount, or saw new products and services.

Unfortunately, not everyone who subscribes to your newsletter will open your email or click through to your website, but there are other ways you can catch a user’s attention: email retargeting, also known as email remarketing.

What is Email Retargeting?

Email retargeting is displaying an audience with ads after they have read an email from the advertiser, making it an effective digital marketing strategy to reach your customers.

One of the ways you can use email retargeting to reach new or existing customers is by using the information you already have about your customers to send them more targeted emails.  You can sort your contact lists by the date you uploaded, city, state, or an event that subscribers attended.

Another way you can use email retargeting is by using subscriber data to promote ads on other platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter based on the emails they’ve opened.

How to Use Email Retargeting for Sending Targeted Emails

Since a successful email campaign is built on audience personalization and subscribers segmentation, email retargeting is a good tactic to stay in touch with customers who would use your services again.  By analyzing your subscribers’ behavior, you can create emails to:

  • Engage with customers
  • Upsell to subscribers already interested in specific products
  • Send offers to previous customers

How to Use Email Retargeting in Your Paid Advertising Strategy

With all the information that you have about your subscribers, you can also apply this to your paid advertising strategy.

Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter allows you to target your email subscribers through ad networks by uploading your email list and the network will advertise to users.  So, if someone has a Facebook account, and happens to be on your email list, your ad will also appear in their newsfeed.

But retargeting using social ads is another way to showcase your products and other discounts.  A few ways you can re-engage with those customers include:

  • Ensuring inactive users are previous customers
  • Consider running a special promotion
  • Include images of previous purchases or popular items

Since these are customers that will more than likely purchase from you again, you may also want to use some of the data from your email list to upsell to your existing customers.  Narrow down your customers by product and encourage those customers to purchase additional services or a newer version of your product.

Email Retargeting Best Practices

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to creating and executing email retargeting campaigns include:

  • Sending complimentary emails to boost retargeting ad
  • Not over-doing it with how many times you want to show the ad to customers
  • Segmenting the campaign based on demographics, interests, and location
  • Testing the ad to determine if upselling is a good strategy

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