Should I Be Using 301 & 302 Redirects on my Site?

If you’ve clicked around a website long enough, you’re likely to find a broken link or two, which will lead you to a 404 error page. This means that the link that you’ve followed leads to a page that no longer exists, or has a different URL. When the URL of a page is changed, any old links that pointed to the page will no longer work, as the URL is different than the link itself. This means that you will need to set up redirects in order to fix the issue! Interested in learning more about how to set up and use 301 and 302 redirects? Keep reading below for more information!

What Are 301 & 302 Redirects

When you update the URL’s on your site, you will need to utilize 301 & 302 redirects. There are distinctions between the two options that determine when you should be using them.

A 301 redirect is the most commonly used. This style of redirect is used when you have a permanent URL change and need to redirect an old version to the new one. For example, if you had updated a webpage URL from /boston-ma/ to /boston-ma-digital-marketing/ and planned to keep the change, you would need to add a 301 redirect pointing the previous URL to the newer version, ensuring users still end up at their destination, regardless of what the URL of the link they click may be.

The other style of redirect is a 302. This is a temporary redirect, and it’s important to treat them as such. The issue with using a 302 as a permanent form of redirection is that it a 302 redirect still ranks the content that you’re redirecting from, which means that if you use them long-term, you will eventually be hit by penalties for duplicate content, hurting your website’s rankings. 302 redirects should only be used short-term for things like A/B testing, or when you’re working on rebuilding a page. Try not to utilize a 302 redirect for more than a couple of weeks, and leaving it up for too long will eventually damage your site’s rankings!

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