How To Reuse Blog Content On Your Website?

When it comes to the content on your website, the main focus tends to be on creating fresh content that highlights your keywords and services to help you rank higher on search result pages. Creating content on a consistent basis is a ranking factor and helps improve your website’s SEO, but what about all of the old content that you spent hours working on? That content is still valuable and by recycling it, you can further improve your SEO!


Why is Old Content Good for SEO?

The content on your website that you classify as “old” has had more time to be shared, clicked on, and viewed by search engines, making it more likely than not that it is ranking higher than some of your newer content. By digging into your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll be able to see what content is being linked to the most.

How to Recycle Your Blog Content

Now that you’ve figured out what content is ranking well and is popular among users, now is the time to start recycling that content to make it better and in turn, rank higher. The best way to start recycling your blog content is by going through and seeing what information is accurate. You’ll often find that industry information has changed or new ways to complete certain tasks. Have you added products and services to your business? Updating this information will help you improve your old content, keep it fresh and relative, and potentially reach more people.

Save Time Creating Seasonal Content

Do you have content on your website that is season-specific? By updating this content and re-publishing it, you’re not only improving old content to make it relevant to what’s going on now, but you’re also saving yourself time. If you’re working on publishing a certain amount of blog posts each month, recycling this old content with a new publication date will give you more time to focus on new topics that you haven’t yet covered on your website.

Increase Your Conversions

The content you were creating when you first built your website is most likely not as strong as the content you are working on now. Go back to that old content and revisit the calls to action throughout the content. Don’t have a call to action included in the post? Add one in! If you’re able to improve the calls to action in your content, you’re improving the experience for the user. Go through and link new blog posts within your old ones to keep users on your website longer or to position yourself furthermore as an expert in your field. All of these tasks will help entice the user even further to download an eBook, call to make an appointment, or submit a contact form for more information about a specific product or service.


Are you interested in learning how to best reuse your old blog content? Whether you have transitioned your business, are looking for a new look, or have switched your SEO goals, recycling blog content can be incredibly useful! Learn more by contacting us at to get started.

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