Should I Add An FAQ To My Website?

What is an FAQ? Excellent question! A Frequently Asked Question page functions as a resource or tool to provide potential clients with upfront information on your business. This can include hours of operation, services provided, and regions where you operate. This can greatly increase the odds that a client calls as all of this information spread across your site it packed neatly into one highly informative webpage. Read on for more helpful tips when it comes to why your website should have a Frequently Asked Questions page and other tips that can help ensure that your business gets found quicker.

What Can A Frequently Asked Questions Page Do For My Website?

FAQs can improve your website’s overall legitimacy as the specific FAQ page highlights the topics and ideas that people are directly searching for. It’s a win-win and an extremely beneficial tool for SEO.

If we can simplify this process, think about how we search for topics on Google and the keywords that we may use. If you have an FAQ page that lists these search queries (long-tail keywords), you greatly increase the likelihood that your business will be found & that a conversion will be made!

Adds Credibility To Your Website Through Industry Knowledge

If an individual navigates to your site and sees an impressive FAQ page that has valuable information regarding your business, it can help position you as an industry leader. When users see this content on your site it will show them that your company or business is trustworthy and knowledgeable, and it can improve the likelihood that they choose your business to work with. A Q&A page can help to establish transparency with your customers but also increases accountability. It is important to note that whenever you change your policies or update terms, don’t forget to indicate so in the FAQ. Curious about what a quality FAQ page looks like? View ours!

FAQs Add Increased SEO Value For Your Website

An FAQ section is a perfect opportunity to help boost your rankings because of the type of content that goes into an FAQ page. An FAQ page is a list of questions and answers, questions that allow targeting of long-tail keywords, and answers that allow keyword-rich content and valid explanations. Google’s algorithm known as Hummingbird is responsible for categorizing question-type queries. Moreover, question-type queries also play a big role in the ever-growing voice search. Q&A sections allow you to focus on common questions and therefore common search queries, so they can help your website improve its rankings!

FAQs & Structured Data

This structured data code is designed for FAQ pages on websites that provide a list of frequently asked questions and answers on particular topics. This is perfect for businesses that offer services that wish to inform their customers of common knowledge with the business and its services. This data will help Google show questions and answers directly on Google Search. Just like with the how-to data, Google has provided documentation on how to properly implement schema markup on your FAQ page.

FAQ SCHEMA OVERVIEW– By simply inputting a code that highlights important information on your website schema works in a way that draws in potential clients to your site by parsing relevant dates on your F.A.Q. page and serves as a resource to help drive more clients to a resource page, which can increase conversions overall! for more information on what schema is and how it can greatly benefit an FAQ or webpage, read my other blog that highlights Schema in greater detail.

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