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Should I Add a Service Area Page to My Website?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way to promote your business and services. Service area pages are tactics SEO experts often use and incorporate into websites to target specific towns and improve search engine optimization. The quick answer to if you should add a service area page to your website is yes! Not only can you target specific regions with your services, but it can help your overall SEO by adding high-quality content. See how to improve your local SEO with service area pages below!

What Are Service Area Pages?

A service area page or “areas served” page on your website will contain unique and original content about your business’s particular services and which regions, cities, and towns you travel to. Each page is written to target and include the desired location details throughout the text and how each service you provide will benefit those local clients. Whether you target one specific area or many within an established radius, consider adding a service area landing page to help users navigate and find their desired location.

Can Service Area Pages Improve My Local SEO?

A well-crafted and thought out service area page can gain traction in the search engine rankings even if your business does not operate locally. For most business owners, you have a flagship location where you begin and end your day; in terms of local SEO, your local users will find your homepage before a service area page if it is correctly optimized for your location. It is crucial to optimize the pages for additional targeted regions as prospective searchers use their areas page as an alternative to your home page.

The Advantages of a Service Area Page

A service area page aims to highlight your products or services, provide details about your company and how you differ from competitors, and motivate new visitors to take the next step of being a new conversion for your business.

As an essential part of your SEO strategy, using a service area page can help you target and attract your ideal clients, give your website more structure, and improve your website ranking and your local SEO!

Hire the Experts at Boston Web Marketing to Improve Your Local SEO

If you want professional assistance adding a service area page to your website, Boston Web Marketing is here to help. Our specialists use fundamental data-driven strategies to improve your local SEO and increase how you rank on the search engine results page. For more information about our services, please visit our website, fill out a contact form, or call us at (857)526-0096! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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