Should I Add a Live Chat to My Website?

The advent of online shopping has made purchasing products and even scheduling services easier than ever. However, there are certain things a potential customer will not want to purchase without talking to a live person first. If you sell this type of product or service, you may benefit from adding a live chat feature to your website.
A live chat feature can provide several benefits to your business’s website. It allows you to interact directly with potential customers and clear up any misconceptions they may have about your products or services. If people are perusing your content from around the country, a live chat option can make the difference between making the sale and losing out to a bigger chain, or your direct competition. The open line of communication can help boost your conversions, between purchases, scheduling, and contact forms. If you are operating a business that specializes in in-person services, you may be able to answer questions related to pricing, how long a service is expected to take and the anticipated result.
After you set up the live chat feature, you can customize its appearance and functionality to best meet your goals. With most options, you will be able to edit the font and colors to match your current theme and aesthetic, even if you are using a third-party company. Most live chats can also be forwarded to an email address or cell phone number, allowing you or a representative of your business to receive immediate notification without being at a computer, on the company website for the entire day.

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