Should All Pages Include Meta Descriptions?

Meta descriptions are important for SEO, as they tell Google and users what they can expect to find on any given page. They’re meant to be a short 160-character description of the page’s content.  You may think that all pages on a website need to have meta descriptions because that’s a part of SEO best practices. However, there are some pages that are more important than others to focus on the metadata. Pages that are of significant importance on a site should always have meta descriptions! Continue reading to learn more about which pages should always include keyword-optimized meta descriptions.


On a website, your homepage is likely the most critical page. Writing a great meta description for the homepage is necessary. Most homepages are like a navigation center for websites and are a landing page for a lot of users. The less text there is on a page such as a homepage, the more likely it is to need a meta description. A homepage meta description influences the perception of a company right on the search results page.


Also, as you may know, content is key on websites. Content, such as blog posts and FAQs, that are being seen by Google must have meta descriptions. Pages that are driving the most traffic are the meta descriptions you should be focusing on. Providing meta descriptions for content on a website can lead to more traffic and click-through rates on your website. Bringing more traffic onto a website is always the goal so, prioritizing content and meta descriptions for the content is key.

Product & Category Pages

If your website is being used for sales of products, your product and category pages are going to be the most important pages on the site. These are the pages that should be focused on most as this is where you will want traffic to land, and will want these pages coming up in the search results page. Meta descriptions on product and category pages are essential! Prioritizing and optimizing meta descriptions for these important pages is critical for search engines to use.

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