Should AdWords Campaigns Run on Days the Business is Closed?

Ad scheduling on Google AdWords allows you to select which days you want your ads to appear. Ad scheduling also gives you the ability to choose when your ads appear throughout the day. If your business is open from 9am to 7pm, you may want to schedule your ads so that they appear only during your business’ hours of operation. This prevents your campaign’s daily budget from being depleted by irrelevant clicks. If there’s a time of the day that’s particularly slow for your business, you can add a bid adjustment to these specific times throughout the week. This enables your ads to appear more aggressively during these slow hours.

Yet, what if your business is closed on certain days? Should your ads still appear on days your business is closed? The only way answer this is to try running your campaign on these off days and then monitor the conversion data collected during these times.  Conversion tracking allows you to monitor the clicks that had the highest probability of leading to an actual customer. Conversions are typically generated when a contact form is filled out, the business is called via the website and when the ‘Contact Us’ page has been visited. If your ad is yielding conversions on days that your business is closed, then running ads during these times may be the way to go. However, it is likely in your business’ best interests to run your ads for a limited time on days your business is closed. This may mean running your ads for a few hours the night before your business is open again.

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