Sessions in Google Analytics Explained

Google Analytics gives a lot of insights, data, and metrics with your website. When you look at the data it can be very overwhelming and many beginners think they’re very complex. There is a lot of data to look at and understand from sessions to bounce rate to the average number of pages per session. One of the most important pieces of data is “sessions” and we will go over what sessions means and what to do with the data.

Sessions in Google Analytics

The session will track the user and their specific interactions with your website within a given time frame.

During the session a user can do a number of things – they can fill out a form, call you, view multiple pages, etc. Anything the user does within that specific session on the website will be tracked within Google Analytics.

How can a Session in Google Analytics end?

A specific session in Google Analytics can end in a few ways. One of them is inactivity after 30 minutes; Google will automatically end the session and stop tracking it. Another way is when the day ends at 11: 59:59 PM, and once the clock hits 12: 00:00 AM, if the person goes back to your website then Google Analytics will count it as a new session. The last way a session would end is if they get back on your website from a campaign change. This means that if someone was on your website and then clicks back onto your website from Facebook or an email link then the previous session will automatically end and a new session will begin.

What to do with Google Analytics’ Sessions

When you are looking at the data that Google Analytics provides, it can be useful to learn about your users and their interests on your website. You can then take the information to improve your SEO, set up targeted marketing campaigns, and grow your business. It’s beneficial to compare data and try to understand why the data is the way it is. Do you have a lot of sessions this month? And your business is busy?

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